IRIS BLUE, The First Crafted Gin Made in Cyprus

IRIS BLUE, is the first crafted Gin made in Cyprus and its exclusively available at Cyprus Duty Free.

CTC-ARI Airports has created an exclusive in-house Gin aiming to encapsulate the traditions, tastes and aromas of the island. Among the products created in partnership with local manufacturers are XO and VSOP brandies, plus Cyprus’ first craft Gin and Commandaria.

IRIS BLUE, has been created after months of experiments. The recipe was formulated by outstanding professionals, a Master of wine and one of the world’s best Someliers and one of the world’s best distillers.


Style: Contemporary

Base Spirit: Neutral Grain Spirit

Botanicals: Rosemary, Lavender, Theme, Lemon, Juniper, Orange

A Cyprus inspired Gin, uses three principal botanicals, lavender, theme, rosemary, as well as juniper.

Iris Blue smells mild and clean with lavender immediately present.

Herbal but not too overpowering.

During the exciting process of creating the Gin was decided to reach out to everyone on the CTC-ARI team to help find the right name. Eleni Lambrou was the one who proposed the winning name IRIS BLUE.

Eleni’s inspiration for the name derives from the Goddess Iris and Mediterranean blue of the Cyprus sea.

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